Surface diving is a fun activity suitable for anyone in good health.
The wetsuits ensure buoyancy.
It is an excellent opportunity to observe underwater life and landscapes.


Activity Summary

Total length

5 Hours

Operating season

November to April

Departure times

From El Chaltén: 7:30 from 13:30 hs.

Return time

Arrival in El Chaltén: 12:30 from 18:30 hs.



Pick up

We pick up to for your accommodation in El Chaltén: 7:30 O 13:30 hs.


From El Chaltén was the Desert Lake Nature Reserve Scenic Route by 41.

Drop off

We take you to your accommodation in El Chalten: 12:30 O 18:30 hs.

Walk access

We cross a rugged path of Desert Lake Nature Reserve. It is easily accessible and leads us to the beach where we will dive.


an instructive talk on techniques performed, safety and equipment. Then we proceed to the placement of equipment.


The guide will give you personal attention all the time. We immerse ourselves gradually from the shore and made a tour of the marginal zone of Lago del Desierto.

Removal equipment

After dipping proceed to remove the equipment, enjoy the beach and share images of experience, while drinking something hot.

He came back

We back down the same road to El Chalten.

What's included?

transfers, personal accident insurance and Crew: wetsuit (7 mm thick) two-piece covering the entire body (14 mm thick torso) helmet or hood. Mask or bezel that provide good visibility and wide field of view. Tube or snorkel, which allows breathing at all times. Neoprene socks (2 mm thick). Neoprene boots (5 mm thick). short and flexible fins (frog legs). watertight bags for transporting equipment. Towels and mobile changer. hot drink.


What is?

Under the surface of the lake you will enjoy a typical Andean landscape, with the particularity of underwater colors. further, crumbling remains of forest that are observed by aquatic plants and algae, They form an interesting network used as a refuge for brown and rainbow trout.

Will I get cold?

The lake water is cold (11ºC aprox.). Costumes we use are fit to withstand these low temperatures during the duration of the tour.

Can I do the tour but I can not swim?

Wetsuits contain lots of air in its material completely avoiding subsidence (For this reason it is not necessary to swim, although it is advisable).

Anyone can do this activity?

Being a low-risk activity may be performed by people between 14 Y 60 years of age who are in good health.

Is the activity was suspended due to bad weather?

The excursion is suspended in case the guides consider that the weather condition is really adverse.

What do i need to bring?

If possible I attended your swimsuit since. further, it is important that you bring appropriate footwear for hiking, shelter, spare underwear and sunscreen.

Safety information

The practice of snorkeling, or diving surface, displacement is driven by the flutter legs water surface, no need for much power or speed. It is done with the intention of observing the background and aquatic life, while continuously breathes through a tube or snorkel also known as. This activity is not of any complexity, It is fun and relaxed, so it does not require much physical demand and suitable for anyone who enjoys good health.
The chosen sector is a bay away from frequent traffic, calm water. There are no risks for animals or dangerous wildlife, since all the inhabitants of the lake are harmless to human health. Wetsuits contain lots of air in its material, avoiding the 100% collapse (FOR THIS REASON TO KNOW TO SWIM it IS NOT NECESSARY, ALTHOUGH it is advisable). This also provides a high insulating capacity, for separating the skin, circulating water around, thus maintaining body temperature, so the cold is not an impediment to enjoy the tour. It is a low-risk activity, This may be done, by people from 14 Y 60 year old, It is that under 18 they must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Prior to the tour, All participants must read and sign a text with directions and activity details. Including the importance of expressing any kind of physical condition, that could disrupt the normal development of the trip. a talk was also performed on the computer, snorkeling technique and safety measures.

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