Evangelina Vettese

Rodrigo Clarke

Scientific tourism

It is a new tendency to involve interested people with the knowledge of nature in a more direct way and entertaining.

It is a segment of special interest tourism and active, that seeks to promote the development of regional knowledge. For that visitors spend their time in work Nature Reserve, collaborate in protecting biodiversity and perform scans, adding a unique and enriching experience to their lives.


We know that science has always been something very distant for non-specialists. We also know the importance for each person the opportunity to do something transcendental.
For this reason the idea to unite tourism with science, and thus provide individuals with an interest in going beyond, the opportunity to combine relaxation with new experiences and knowledge.

Amphibian is one who lives both in water and on land.

That our enterprise is.

Rodrigo specialist in the study of the river and its fish. Evangelina specialist in the study of the forest and its flora. We are that ... we are amphibians!

On the heights of the Andes undertakes the challenge of immersing the body to release stress, stimulate the senses and soak mountains as never before what you have imagined.

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